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Disinfecting and Sanitizing

disinfecting the home sofa

At Carpet Cleaners Of Carmel we have made it our mission to provide the best when it comes to disinfecting and sanitizing your home . By providing excellent service , using only the best materials and equipment , we are able to offer a range of never before seen solutions to ensure your entire home is germ and dirt free. Our cost-effective solutions will leave you wondering why you did not call us earlier to disinfect and sanitize your beautiful home . So for the cleanest solution , give us a call today for an obligation free quote .


Never again will our lives be the same . The Covid-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on the importance of properly disinfecting and sanitizing your home or business . Our range of defoggers and cleaning techniques have been especially adapted to the current pandemic . We can now ensure that your space will be attended to with the greatest care and utmost attention to detail . Our teams are also trained in all Covid-19 safety procedures to ensure your home and family are not exposed to unnecessary risks. Call us today and lets stand together in the fight against Covid-19.

Bathroom And Kitchen Mould Removal

These areas are by far the most affected in your home when it comes to the build up of dirt and mould . This is mostly due to the environment they find themselves in . This usually contains a lot of moisture and steam . The mould can even get into your ceilings and finishes, especially if they have not been installed using superior materials .Luckily for you , we provide a range of solutions to ensure your kitchen and bathrooms are hygienically clean and always ready to use . If this sounds like a plan to you , give us a call today .


For some reason , these do not tend to get the attention they deserve . Many people do not know that windows can be a massive breeding ground for bacteria and nasty germs . It is of course essential to then ensure the get a regular and deep cleaning . Luckily for you , we cater to both commercial and residential clients . From ground floors , we can reach up to 6 meters up using our high quality tools and window cleaning techniques . Our service packages can be used as a once off or a monthly option . The choice is yours .


Having seen the world class cleaning service solutions we offer , it is understandable to think that many of our potential clients  believe that these professional services are way outside their budgets . Simply put they could not be more mistaken . We have developed a range of cleaning solutions of the years to fit any pocket . We cater to any and all eventualities and pride ourselves on ensuring the job is done right and in a cost -effective manner so we do not waste a single second of your time or money .

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