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Hard Surfaces

a clean kitchen room

When it comes to hard surface cleaning , one needs to remember that this is a diverse category covering many surfaces and cleaning techniques. These are usually more specialized techniques for attacking every corner of your home. These services range from floor care , bathroom and everything in between . We even offer a range of drain and metal surface cleaners to ensure every surface in your dome is looking its best . Our range of eco-friendly cleaning products will get the job done both safely and on time . So give us a call today and find out what you have been missing .

Tiles And Grout

This is by far the most common job we encounter when our clients request a deep hard surface clean. Tiles are easy to clean on the surface , but need some help when it comes to those stubborn stains or hairline cracks . Our range of eco-friendly solutions ensure that the job is done right first time and your families safety in-mind . We also offer a grout cleaning surface that will remove all that black dirt and grime . This will leave your grout looking as good as the day it was laid . To find out more , call us today .

Hardwood Floors

A professionally installed hardwood floor is one of the most beautiful features you can add to your home . Using the correct technique for your hardwood floor is essential to maintaining your beautiful and expensive investment . Whilst a daily clean , which should entail a sweep and a quick mop may help with this , it is crucial to have them deep cleaned and inspected from time to time . This is crucial to ensuring any problem spots do not escalate into something worse . To find out more about keeping your hardwood floors in tip top condition, call us today .

Refinishing Hardwood

Even if you maintain a regular maintenance program , hardwood floors will over time begin to fade . This is mainly due to them loosing their old protective finish . Depending on how often the floor is used , one should look at refinishing your surface every 3 to 5 years . By sanding and refinishing we can even remove those nasty scratches and gouges. If done correctly , this process will leave you with immaculately clean hardwood floors . Giving you many more years of enjoyment . Now lets work together to get those floors looking their best again .

Types Of Hard Surfaces

There are a few different materials one can use to achieve the perfect hard surface for your home. It is important to select the right option for your home . Especially when taking the maintenance requirements of each into account . Your options can vary from real and laminate wood flooring . Vinyl and rubber based solutions . Of course their are also the traditional options such as tile and brick solutions . As you can see we clearly have all the bases covered when it comes to cleaning any hard surface . So call today and put our name to the test .

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