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Oriental Rug Cleaning

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These expensive additions to your home are known worldwide as the king of all carpets. This means that your area and oriental rugs, need a cleaning technique to match their status at the top of the carpeting world. With so many design patterns and construction techniques , it is essential that we help you select the perfect solution to suit your specific oriental rug. These rugs should never be cleaned using conventional carpet cleaning techniques or equipment . So before you ruin it , even with the best of intentions , rather call the experts at Carpet Cleaners Of Carmel.

Conventional Just Wont Cut It .

Due to the hand-made characteristics of oriental or area rugs , they should never be cleaned using what one would call conventional cleaning techniques . Due to them being hand woven from wool  , oriental rugs must be cleaned with techniques that will not only brighten and refresh them , but will extend their lifespan for many years to come . Keep in mind they share no similarities with synthetically , massed produced carpets which predominately come with a plastic backing to provide durability . Just seeing these simple differences should leave you in no doubt to why your oriental rugs need special attention .

When is It The Right Time ?

A deep cleaning process will surely help prevent any dirt and soil build-up from causing serious damage to your oriental or area rugs. With regular DIY cleaning , we suggest a deep , professional clean every 2 to 4 years . This is of course totally dependant on how often the rug in question gets used . The process will not only restore your oriental rugs fibers , but will extend its life and ensure it gives you many more joyous years in the future . Now give us a call the next time you consider getting your oriental rugs cleaned so we can show how its done .

What Is That Smell ?

Its an unmistakable smell. Like garlic or gas . Pet urine can leave a pungent and nasty smell in your home . This is especially true if your four-legged friend has managed to do his business on your carpets or heaven forbid , your priceless oriental rug. If left to long , the bacteria in the urine will soak into the fibers and it will become almost impossible to get ride of . This essentially means you either throw away your money or you get the experts at Carpet Cleaners Of Carmel to fix the situation.

This Is How We Do It

he key thing to remember, is that all our products are child and pet friendly. Our industry leading techniques will have your rugs looking like new and ready to receive company in no time.Our top cleaning processes will most importantly not damage the fiber or make up of your rug .We have the perfect solution to cater to any job our clients may present us with .From steam to suction , dry to wet , give us a call today and we will walk you through every step of our world class process . We promise you will never look anywhere else again.

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