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Pet Odor and Stains

a cat sitting on the floor

They are the member's of our families who cant talk or get a job . Yet we let them have free reign, as if the were paying the mortgage . Yes you have it , its our beloved pets and all the mess that comes with them . The biggest draw down of living with these family members can be their strong smell and ability to shed absolutely everywhere . As much as we love them , this can become a serious issue over time and needs a regular maintenance routine to keep it in check . Luckily for you we have a range of pet-friendly cleaning solutions.


Our beloved four-legged friends , be they cats , dogs or anything in between have the tendency to loose or shed fur where ever they go . They also come in many different shapes and sizes , which means that using the same technique and materials may not work for every job. This is why at Carpet Cleaners Of Carmel , we have developed a range of pet-friendly techniques to ensure not a single hair is left behind . From hard surfaces to upholstered furniture , we have just the right solution to get your home in tip top shape in no time at all .

Doggy Stinks

The biggest culprits by far when it comes to leaving a pungent odor in your home must be your dog . This smell can be exacerbated , especially if your four-legged friend is somewhat active and enjoys exploring . Now we know most of our customers have become somewhat accustomed to this smell , but your furniture and curtains have not . If not treated correctly , these odors can draw into your fabrics and carpets . Making them even more difficult to clean . These smells can eventually become part of your homes natural odor , especially after your weekly clean .

What About Cats ?

By far one of the cleanest pets you can own is a cat . Their general level of cleanliness means they do not mess your home up as often and as badly as their arch enemies , the dog . They do however have one very distinct drawback when it comes to smells . Cat urine is one of the most pungent smells in the animal kingdom . This problem can be amplified if the affected area is not cleaned immediately and effectively.The odor can draw into your fabrics and even soak into the foundation .Now to get ride of this unwanted smell , call the experts today .

They Just Gonna Do It Again

By far one of the biggest issues after we have given a clients home a deep clean , is that your beloved four-legged friends will often return to the same spot to mark their territory . As this is part of their nature , it does not do anyone any good to get upset. Luckily for you we have developed a range of secret techniques to ensure your friend does not return to the same spot over and over again . These pet and eco-friendly solutions will pose absolutely no threat to their health and will ensure you are both happy.

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