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Upholstery Cleaning

a clean and white sofa

As with cleaning everything , upholstery and upholstered furniture is no different . We then find it somewhat peculiar that many of our clients somehow tend to forget that it needs more than the odd wipe down or quick vacuum . This simple act of maintenance will not just increase the life span of your upholstered furniture , but it will also keep it looking its best , for longer. It will also help fight  mould , mildew and any other dirt or grime that may be lurking . With so many more advantages , it is more a case of when you call us rather than if .


This is by far the most common reason we are called in by clients when it comes to giving their upholstered furniture a much needed deep clean . The simple fact is that no matter how well you have trained your beloved fury friends , your upholstered furniture is going to bare the brunt . Fortunately for you and your upholstery, we have developed a range of industry leading techniques to ensure your furniture is looking its best in no time at all . Oh , and of course they are all pet and eco-friendly. Need we say more ?

This Is How We Do It

With time comes experience . At Carpet Cleaners Of Carmel we have put this experience to great use. We have done this by developing a range of world class and industry leading techniques . This has also allowed us to get the little things right that may make or break the potential for future business . From dry suction to the best in steam cleaning solutions and many more . These techniques will leave not just your upholstered furniture feeling fresh and rejuvenated , but your entire home . Now you can see, we have all the bases covered.

What Is That Growing Over There ?

This is usually a question your wife asks you after she has given the house a quick once over . She is also usually pointing at the gap between the cushions . Not to be confused with bacteria , mould and miff can develop in moist dark areas on your upholstered furniture .This does not mean you don’t keep a clean and tidy home. Remember it takes only a single spore for it to develop. Fortunately our years of industry experience will have your upholstered furniture mould free and looking its best in no time whatsoever .

The Ones You Cant See

Now that we have dealt with the dirt and grim you can see . Its time to handle the ones you cant . These are often the ones that may be missed, especially if the upholstered furniture in your home is not given a regular clean .The enemy we are talking about is bacteria of course . These nasty micro-organisms can be found in between your furniture's padding where they breed and spread to the rest of the upholstered surface .  So don’t take the chance and let our highly trained experts give you a full analysis today .

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